Dr Matthew Reyment (Osteopath)

Dr Matt Reyment


Dr Matthew Reyment

Osteopath at Helping Hands Osteopathy, Aspendale

Dr Matthew Reyment (Osteopath) grew up in the country town of Mansfield and moved to Melbourne to pursue a career as an Osteopath. He completed his degree in Clinical Sciences and Masters of Osteopathy at Victoria University.
Matt developed a strong interest in the treatment and prevention of sporting injuries from personal experience. He has played football at VFL level and competed in endurance sports including Ironman, Triathlon and Marathon running.

Matt enjoys treating people of all ages and backgrounds who present with various musculoskeletal conditions. He also has a strong interest in treating shoulder, hip and feet injuries as he has experienced these types of injuries personally.

As an Osteopath, Matt uses a variety of treatment techniques including soft tissue massage, joint manipulation, dry needling and rock tape application. He also prepares tailored rehabilitation programs to assist with recovery and prevent re-aggravation.

When Matt isn’t at work he enjoys keeping fit, surfing and travelling.

If you’d like to make an appointment to see Dr Matthew Reyment at Helping Hands Osteopathy, call (03) 9587 6798 or you can Book Online via our website or the Helping Hands Osteopathy Facebook page.